How an introvert can grow a business in an extroverted world, even if you can’t stand people

How an introvert can grow a business in an extroverted world, even if you can’t stand people

I came in 4th damn place.

Maybe I mentioned it here in the newsletter. I’m not sure.

But I joined this writing community to get more focused, clear, and aligned with my writing.

As an introvert, joining another community felt like I was picking up another 500lb weight to drag around my business.

I already do in-person networking events…every….single….week….

Now, meeting more people in the online world…What the hell am I doing-- Is all I could think.

But as you introverts know, we have a unique ability. It allows us to be the quietest person in the room, but generally make the most impact within the space.

We’ll talk about ourselves, yet our main objective isn’t to always be the center of attention so we take more interest in our conversation partners. This is precisely why we get more opportunities, make more connections, and are able to build strong foundations.

Extroverts are very much percentage people. Meaning they’ll talk to any and everybody with an ear. They move about these rooms and communities playing the numbers game to gain their market share.

Nothing wrong with it.

Anyway, what is it that makes introverts powerful in networking rooms and communities? And how can you leverage this power to attract better clients, make your business less stressful, and make more money?

Simple really.

Let me demonstrate the power of how introverts think over extroverts that’ll reframe how you can approach business.

The other day I was scrolling FB.

And I came across a post from a friend who said they were moving back to the area.

This friend had previously used our lawn services.

On their post, they were saying their goodbyes to their old house, town, and people they connected with.

I simply replied to the post saying Welcome back, I hope the family is doing well.

Long story short. That simple message that didn’t even mention my lawn business led to us picking him back up as a client.

Introverts are more strategic thinkers.

Social Media villains have turned or taught most people to think tactically. Which is why people struggle to grow a business. People are more inclined to use tactics to grow an audience but don’t know shit about making money from said audience, thus building a business.

As introverts, our batteries drain the longer we're around people, so we must be intentional with our interactions.

So, for my introverts out there, don’t get lost in a sea of tactical advice. Be strategic about the connections, introductions, and relationships you are trying to build–offline and online–it’ll go a long way in keeping you consistent.

Now, how can you leverage this power of strategic thinking?

A few years ago I was in a Clubhouse room where you had an opportunity to pitch your business.

It was around Black Friday time so everybody was in a frenzy to get their offers out into the marketplace.

The day before landing a client, I was in a room overhearing people complain about the struggles they were having getting their Black Friday stuff in order.

People were talking about how they knew the offer they were selling but didn’t have any emails written, no promotional content created on social media, without any idea how they were going to do it all.

Armed with this information I went into the pitch room the next day and spoke about the challenges of trying to put together a Black Friday deal while still wearing all the hats of your business.

I got a DM before I was done talking.

Think about that for a second. The unique ability introverts have is listening.

By listening to my prospects talk about their problem, I was able to demonstrate how I could help them.

I strategically used Clubhouse to be in certain rooms at certain times to listen to my potential clients discuss their problems.

So, for the coming week, I want you to begin thinking about how you can be more strategic in your approach to networking, audience building, and making money.

Tactics are only used to drive the strategy, not be the entire strategy.

By taking this approach, you’ll have more energy to focus on your business, less energy taken away by dealing with draining people, and an opportunity to make money that feels like a breeze.