Why fat people can’t catch a break

Why fat people can’t catch a break

I feel exclusively able to speak on this topic considering I once was over 400 lbs.

I came across an article the other day that said where Dr. Fatima, a new member of the Biden administration, said obesity has more to do with genetics and that no amount of diet or exercise could overcome it.

Interestingly enough the Dr doesn’t quote any studies or provide researchable data but just shares that if you're obese you could go to the gym, change your eating habits, and live a healthier lifestyle, but it wouldn't matter in the end. It’ll all be for nothing because your genes were predetermined that you’ll be fat.

The article explained that if your parents are obese, you’ll have a 50 to 85% chance to be obese yourself.

Make sense to me really. Not necessarily genetics though. If your parents have bad eating habits, it’s most likely that the kids will too since the parents provide all the nutrition.

The fact that someone well-known in the medical space now wants to move accountability away from what people put in their mouths to genetics is pretty scary.

It seems nobody wants to talk about all the fast food restaurants and the horrible things they put inside our foods. Just Google “Red 40” in your food and it will amaze you that they still allow it.

I’ve come across content that shows how certain foods are allowed here(In the USA) and are banned in other countries.

Makes you wonder why huh? That’s going down a deeper rabbit hole.

Anyway, I share this because those in power will say and do whatever they feel necessary to control the masses. It’s easier to follow along some given path than starting to think for yourself.

Here is the thing, while the world continues to be at war, inflation increasing daily, and money is being printed at historical rates it’s more important than ever to secure your business.

If shit does get worse before it gets better people are going to be looking for someone to depend on and looking for businesses that they can trust to support them.

You hear all the time how more millionaires are made during recessions. It is because the few who can withstand the beating become a foundation to build upon for the many.

Are you in a position to support your clients better than your competition while people are looking for answers to their problems?