Why getting yelled yet by customers will help your business

Why getting yelled yet by customers will help your business

"What services are you looking for specifically?"

The older man on the other end briefly paused, then, raising his voice in such a loud manner it sounded like he was screaming, says:

"Ok! I want a full-service grass cut! The grass is to be cut, edges blown off, and trees to be trimmed! You're not painting the house!"

He finished, and all I could think was that if we were standing in front of him I could see the snarl on his face.

I look over at my partner, who has the same look I do. Looking at the phone, head tilted with squinted eyes thinking, who the hell is he talking at?

"Sir, we're not going to be a good fit."


I burst out laughing once my partner ended the call.

What just happened was one of the best things for a business owner. This guy disqualified himself as a client within 30 seconds.

If he talked like that without us partnering, imagine how he'd be once he hired us.

Yes, we do need the sale. Yes, we need more clients. We got mortgagees to pay, and my partner has little mouths to feed, cloth, and keep them living in nice warm beds.

We all have these things.

But you can only take some people in your business.

It's better you know who you can't help.

Saves you and them the headache. If you're needy in business, you're putting yourself above all. You're taking on work just because of the transaction instead of building a relationship.

Transactional thinking is short-term thinking and business building. You may get the sale, but always chase the next one.

What we're talking about here is qualifying your customers.

This needs to be brought to the front more. Because how else can the internet gurus promise you fortune and fame if they tell you to only focus on a small percentage of people?

I don't just mean a niche.

You can be a coach for business owners who only help service-based businesses. But the question is, are all those service-based businesses good fits for you?

I think you should find out who isn't for your business first. It'll be easier to have those who are a good fit--stand out. And you'll curate the right ones.

The point is that people will come in under the right conditions, with the right mindset and an understanding of what sets you apart.

And you'll be able to get more of the green numbers in your bank account.